Laneway Learning

Laneway Learning runs cheap, fun classes in anything and everything.
It happens on weekday evenings in cafes and bars in Melbourne CBD, St Kilda and Brunswick. Classes usually cost $14, with around 20 people to keep it friendly. To hear about new classes as they are announced sign up here.

Featured Class

macrame pendant

Macramé Necklace: Crystals For All Occasions

Using simple macramé knotting techniques, you can learn to make a crystal pouch to turn any crystal into a beautiful macrame crystal necklace! Macramé is the art of tying knots to create different patterns that can be used for a huge variety of crafts. Once you learn the basics of macramé, you can use your imagination to make all sorts of creative patterns to turn crystals and other ornaments into jewellery or decorations.

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Maria, MarkLucie and Mark, looking very happy in a Melbourne laneway

Exciting News!

This week we are bursting-at-the-seams-happy to *finally* be able to tell you some exciting news, brought to you by Kim and Tom in London and Maria, Lucie and Mark in Melbourne.
A sprig of thyme and rosemary

Top seven winter plants

Winter can be an awesome season if you give it just a little bit of love, and where better to start than with your back garden, balcony or kitchen windowsill?

As Seen on MTV: Madonna’s Vogue

Ever wish you could strut your stuff like the Queen of Pop? We did just that when Liz helped us to release our inner divas in As Seen on MTV: Madonna's Vogue.