Laneway Learning

Laughing over tea and sewing.

Laneway Learning runs cheap, fun classes in anything and everything.
It happens on weekday evenings in cafes, bars and other spaces around Melbourne. Classes usually have about 20 people to keep it friendly.

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Featured Class

Students working on improving imposture

Feldenkrais: Better Posture, Less Pain

Get a safe and easy fix for neck tension and stiffness using the ingenious Feldenkrais movement exercises.

This clever exercise system uses gentle movement and mindfulness. You can do it at the office, on the train, anywhere you go! Learn to release tightness and unconscious restriction and create natural, graceful and effective actions.

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Upcoming Classes


Learning to Read Music

Sheet music is a global language, but to so many people it seems completely alien. Lucky for us, musician and music educator, Anna van Veldhuisen, taught us how to read musical notation and even play some music with percussion instruments!
Making kokedamas at a Laneway class

Making Improvements!

Following on from our survey, we are working hard to implement changes and improvements that you have requested. Today we are introducing our new class type tags so that you can see what style a class will take at a glance.
A modern sundial in front of Tower Bridge, London, at sunset

Daylight Savings is Here! But Why?

Daylight savings is that interesting convention that always catches people out. “Is this the good way or the bad way?” And it ends this Sunday! We know that we change the clocks, but why? Why doesn’t everyone do it? Why do some places do it at different times?