Laneway Learning

Laneway Learning runs cheap, fun classes in anything and everything in Melbourne. It happens on weekday evenings in cafes and bars in the CBD and now in Northcote and St Kilda too. Classes usually cost $14, with around 20 people to keep it friendly. To hear about new classes as they are announced sign up here.

Special Events

Festival of Lunchtimes

Festival of Lunchtimes

If you find yourself wishing you had something short and fun to do on a Tuesday lunchtime, then we've come to your rescue. We're teaming up with Melbourne Central in April to put on a few classes to reinvigorate your Tuesday! Oh, and they're free.

Upcoming Classes


A Crafty Iguana on Twitter

No, the iguanas haven't evolved intelligence and begun communicating on social media. This is the Twitter Story from our Interactive Storytelling class from last week. It's worth a read!

Misusing Science

We're all guilty of misusing words, often on a daily basis but here are some things we really need to start getting right..

Lights, Camera, Stop!

Want to see some of the mini-movies we made in our Stop Motion class? Sure you do!