Laneway Learning

Laneway Learning in Melbourne currently happens on weekday evenings in cafes and bars in the CBD. Classes usually cost $14, with around 20 people to keep it friendly. To hear about new classes as they are announced sign up here.


A New Doco All About LL!

Check out this fantastic clip by Sophie Eco produced as part of a segment on Channel 10 all about Laneway Learning.

Become a ‘Real’ Scientist

A current citizen science project, being run as part of National Science Week, is calling on Australians to travel back in time and use ships’ logs to uncover information about our global climate. Join in and become an honorary scientist!

Cleaning Jewellery the Green Way!

Whether you're green to the core or are simply looking for a quick fix for your favourite necklace before you hit the town it's super easy to make your bling shine like new with a few simple ingredients from the kitchen cupboard.