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Our Community Goes Virtual!

With the current situation still developing and social distancing recommended, Laneway Learning has decided to add virtual classes to include some of our community that are in self isolation (thank you for doing so!). You can find all our classes under the tag "virtual" on the home page.

We also want to support our amazing teachers as much as possible during these difficult times. Many are freelancers, artists or casual teachers who have suddenly seen their income reduced or completely disappear. However, they are a resourceful, resilient, extraordinary bunch and have prepared some courses, products or coaching that can be done online.

Have a browse below and feel free to click through to their websites for more information on anything from products and services to workshops and other fantastic events.

Hula Hop Classes with Donna Sparx

Hoop Sparx will be running live, online video classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights as well as offering Private Lessons via video too. And, if you can't afford/can't make it to class then the weekly classes will be downloadable for only $5!

And, for anyone who is trying to save $ and stay active at home, check out Donna Sparx free tutorials on YouTube.

Click here to look into online classes.

Click here to book a private lesson.

Click here to get yourself a hoop

Living with Intention Course by SenseMaking

Conny, our Vision Cards teacher, has a lovely online course ready for you - Living with Intention - a creative approach to achieve your vision and goals.

In this course, we are invited to explore processes of reflective writing and art making to connect with your intention and bring it to life through inspired action. Conny shares with us a 3-step process that takes us from defining our intention to visualizing it and translating it into goals.

More information and bookings.

She is also offering a FREE mini course: Collage of Calm. It introduces an easy and grounding creative process of found poetry collages, perfect for these times.Book here.

Creative chats with Eira - The Mentorship

Eira, who teaches the writing workout class and manages The Mentorship, is offering 30 minutes Creative Chats, for any creative business owners in need of a listening ear and supportive encouragement.

You can book a session here.

She also mentors University students and graduates here.

Modern Mending masterclass with Erin

Erin teaches from scarf tying to upcycled crackers but is an expert in visible mending. Do you have holes in your clothes and don't know how to fix them? Would you prefer to learn mending from a human and not a book? Are you bored and lonely from self-isolation? Learn how to make your clothes better with professional mender Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald, author of the book Modern Mending.

You can book the master class here.

Healthy Gut Free Resources with Briony Kean

Briony, who teachers fermentation, kombucha and sauerkraut with us, runs a healthy gut coaching consultancy. She has some really handy free resources to understand a bit more about fermentation and your guy, how to feel good and understand our bodies better.You can access the resources here.

She also has lots of great recipes for better gut health that you can access here.

Beauty products with Mademoiselle Organic

Lily teaches how to make skincare and haircare easily at home!

She sells vegan and organic beauty products on the Mademoiselle Organic website (aloe vera gel, Jojoba oil, essential oils, scrubs, face masks and more!), all in compostable or reusable packaging.

She has 2 online courses that cover her most popular workshops, one for skincare and one for haircare. The courses can be accessed 24/7 and completed in your own time. They include videos that demonstrate the recipes or techniques, and they also include downloadable notes with all the information covered.

here and you can buy her beautiful products here.

Mindfulness with Jossy Jimenez

Jossy teaches self-compassion, mindfulness, forgiving and closeness among other things. She is offering a free 60 minute mindfulness session online with a special offer to continue regular sessions at a very discounted rate!

You can contact Jossy and find out more here.

Productive Work from Home mini-course with Christina

Christina, who teaches about procrastination, time management and productivity, has prepared a special free mini-course to help us all with the transition to work from home.

Access the course here.

Japanese Teas from Harumi Okei-san

Harumi who teaches intro to Japanese tea with us has a beautiful shop selling wonderful Japanese teas that would complement any work from home session. She also sells teapots and cups.

She has also given us a special discount! All products are 20%off by putting "lanewaylearning" (all small letters and no gap between words) at the time of checkout (Offer ends on the 12th April).

You can visit Okei-san store here.

Embodiment Coaching Strategy with Maree

'Maree, our Burlesque, Inner Warrior Yoga and Acting 101 Teacher is offering free online Embodiment Coaching Strategy Consults! She will also be offering upcoming online DanceFIT, Inner Warrior Yoga and Burlesque Classes soon.

Embodiment Coaching Strategy Consults offer you the opportunity to verbalise and visualise your personal and professional goals to the manifestation stage. After your free session you will be offered discounted rates for Embodiment Coaching Sessions, which include powerful body, heart and soul alignments and self actualising Integrations.

You can contact Maree and find out more here.

Business Bookshelf with Steph

Steph, who is one of our awesome board members as well as teaching meal-planning and bread-making, has a great podcast reviewing business books. Each week she shares the ‘three big things’ the books have taught her, favourite quotes and actions she has implemented since reading the book. If you have an ever-growing pile of half-read books on your bedside table, this podcast is for you.

Subscribe to the podcast here.

Feldenkrais Workshop Recordings from Ralph

Ralph teaches free your Neck, surviving chairs, natural facelift and many other classes with us! He is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and he also has a few recordings of his workshops you can download on his website. Heart flow, neck and shoulders or healing your hands are some of the topics.

Purchase his recordings here.

Journaling to reduce stress with Ingrid

Ingrid teaches an inspiring journaling process that reduces stress and anxiety and enhances your wellbeing and mood. Her workshop explores a 5-Step process where a stressful or unwanted emotion is turned into a gift, leaving you feeling grounded, calm and clear.

After the workshop, you become part of the free, online Journal Community. On a regular basis, we come together to connect and journal. It’s a wonderful opportunity to continue practicing the steps, get extra support and be with like minded people. She’s running her workshops with 50% off until the end of April.

Join the workshop here.

The photos above are borrowed and edited from the teachers unless otherwise specified