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Hens’ Parties and Activities

Ladies smiling and having fun making flower crowns for a hens' party

Looking for a hens’ party or day activity that isn’t the regular stripper show or boozy cruise? We can help you plan a special class for the bride-to-be, or arrange a whole day of activities in our space on Bennetts Lane or your selected venue. Make gorgeous flower crowns before setting off for lunch, learn Beyoncé’s Single Ladies choreography so you can kill it on the dance floor later in the night, or create polymer clay accessories to remember the special day. Whatever you want, we have you covered!

Getting ready for a macramé event for a hens' party.How it all works

Our fun, casual classes are all one-off workshops and last around 75 minutes, which works great if you are planning a whole day or evening of activities. After you have confirmed the details and selected your class, please use the booking form below and we’ll send you an invoice for payment of the deposit. If you would like a different class to those listed below, please email us and we’ll let you know if it’s available.

See all our private events terms and conditions here. Please note there is a minimum of 10 people for private events.

Our space

Our venue, Laneway Learning Central, is located at Level 3, Room 17, 37 Swanston St (Nicholas Building) in Melbourne CBD. It fits up to 30 people sat in a workshop set-up (chairs and tables) or up to 40 in a talk set-up (without tables). For dancing or movement classes, up to 20 people work best.

A hens' party decorating cupcakes in a garden party setting.Food and beverages

Regarding food, we are happy to arrange external catering for you or you can organise it separately.

Class ideas and cost

Although we can create a private event out of most of our classes (depending on teacher availability, etc.) we have compiled some of the most popular ideas below. Our venue can also be rented for extra hours at a rate of $30 per hour + GST.

Fresh flower crowns

A woman wearing flower crown

Learn how to make gorgeous floral crowns out of seasonal flowers! Not only will you learn a skill you can use later for the wedding preparations, but you'll have a great time matching and placing flowers and learning about colour combinations and floral arrangements.

Cost: $51 per person

Single Ladies dance

A poster with Single Ladies movements from the Beyoncé song

One of the most iconic songs of the century along with a fun choreography that anyone can do. Whether you have danced before or this is literally your first time on a dance floor, our teacher will guide you through each step and get you "Beyonc-ing" in no time!

Cost: $35 per person

Life drawing

A life drawing sketch

Crafty and wild at the same time? Then maybe a life drawing class with a nude model is more your style. Learn the basics of life drawing and body anatomy while you draw a nude model in different positions.

Cost: $48 per person

Unicorn cupcakes

A cute fondant unicorn

Take your baking to the next level by learning the basics of fondant (sugar paste) decoration via sparkly unicorns! In this class, every hen will get a cupcake to decorate (and eat!) with fondant and we'll make a cute unicorn topper to go on top.

Cost: $42 per person

Vintage burlesque

A lady with vintage burlesque feather fans

Get ready to spice up your hens' event with our Vintage Burlesque dance class (suitable for all levels of fitness and ability)! Turn up in stilettos and we'll give you the feather boa and long gloves so you can learn the shimmy shake and other fun, sexy moves.

Cost: $35 per person

Polymer clay accessories

Polymer clay earrings

Get creative and make your own earrings, pendants or brooches in our entertaining polymer clay class. You'll get to choose between a bunch of colours and bake your creations so you can wear them on your night out.

Cost: $40 per person

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