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Laneway Learning runs cheap, fun classes in anything and everything.
It happens on weekday evenings in cafes, bars and other spaces around Melbourne. Classes usually have about 20 people to keep it friendly.

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Featured Class

Beautiful Maths: What are Numbers? with Blake ONLINE

We all learned what numbers are in school – and throughout life. We start off with the counting and whole numbers and then consider fractional numbers like ½. Then most of us would have learned about the ‘real numbers’ – all of which lie on a line. Whilst this might seem like the ‘end’ of all possible numbers, it is in fact, just the beginning! The aim of this class is to help you realise that the numbers you likely familiar with form only a small portion of all possible ‘number systems’ and excite further exploration into the beautiful possibilities of math. We will have fun and engaging questions throughout the talk, encourage curiosity and show the world of numbers in a new perspective

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Meet the Team: Stephanie

Get to know Stephanie who sits on the board of directors as the secretary.

Face Masks in the Laneway Community!

Who knew face masks would the the 2020 accessory to remember… As we all settle down for Lockdown 2.1: State of Disaster (or The Ultimate Covid-19 Blaster, how I’m calling it) and face masks become mandatory, we’ve highlighted some of our teachers and community selling them so...

Thank You, Volunteer Class Hosts!

It's National Volunteer Week this week in Australia and we wanted to thank our awesome team of volunteers this week and every day of the year: we are so grateful! Thank you for contributing with your work, passion and commitment to our community!