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Laneway Learning runs cheap, fun classes in anything and everything.
It happens on weekday evenings in cafes, bars and other spaces around Melbourne. Classes usually have about 20 people to keep it friendly.

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Featured Class

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Argentinian Tango Taster

Ever wondered what Tango was all about? Tango is a partner dance that is predominantly an improvisation where the leader passes on 'ideas' of the movement to a follower who 'interprets' and follows those ideas. Learning the techniques to achieve a better connection between the follower and leader will help you master those Tango moves!

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Upcoming Classes


Up Your Insta-Game: Instagram Class

In 2010, the smartphone social media app known as Instagram arrived into the hands of many crazy teens including my own. It quickly became a space where people could express themselves, form interactions and collaborate with others through photos. As Instagram has become more worldly known,...

Meet the Team: Steph

Get to know Steph Clarke, one of our latest board members, and her love for cooking, making bread and business books.

Laneway Learning at Embiggen Books

Lovely video of our classes at one of our beloved venues, Embiggen books. Author Skylar Xu is a Media student at RMIT, she is also learning fashion design as her elective. She is currently at her last semester of University. During her spare time she loves to watch films and explore the city....