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Laneway Learning runs cheap, fun classes in anything and everything.
It happens on weekday evenings in cafes, bars and other spaces around Melbourne. Classes usually have about 20 people to keep it friendly.

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Featured Class

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Cute Customised Needle Felting with Tamara

Do you have a favourite jumper with worn out elbows or that the moths had a feast on? Come along and learn how to make the clothes you love last before packing them away for Spring. You will learn how needle felting to customise your clothing will make them a delight to wear again. Mending is a great life skill which can save you money, save your clothes and reduce your impact on the environment! You will learn how to add colour to your woollens for a visible repair or customisation and how to colour match wool to repair as invisibly as possible.

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Upcoming Classes


Embracing Melbourne’s Cocktail Boom

It can be a daunting thing to walk up to a bar, with its seemingly endless assortments of beers, wines, and specialty cocktails that sound like secret codes used in spy movies. More often than not we settle on the closest beer on tap that sounds vaguely interesting or familiar, or a simple...

Watercolours, Flower crowns and Paper Jewellery

Lovely video of some of our classes: watercolour mandalas, paper and glass jewellery and flower crowns done by Isabel Viavattene.

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